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Mother/hood the Last Frontier of Sexualization

 Time made sure that it objectifies mothers, we have now gone from the sit com version of motherhood to the next type of woman to sexualize. it makes the conversation a joke instead of the serious/supportive issue it should be. How many people are going to the magazine because of the subject or for the cover?
This Sunday is Mother's Day and if you think that Time Magazine has this issue coming out around Mother's Day with this cover and its articles are some sort of co-incidence.. well I have swamp land.

What makes me so anger is that this cover will not do anything to promote the important issues that the magazine is saying it is trying to  discuss the cover story on "attachment parenting," an approach--outlined by 1992's "The Baby Book" by Dr. Bill Sears--that recommends extended breast-feeding, co-sleeping and "baby wearing." Time's cover line for the May 21 issue asks, "Are You Mom Enough;"  but the light pornographic cover.  

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