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The Best Girl Adventure EVER

The twinnies and I went to Chicago for Spring Break.  We have family there and it is a place we all love to go visit.  We had no real plans for Spring Break this year, we had kiddingly said that we were going to go Florida for break but that was a just a dream for one of the girls.  
It hit me: I didn't want to stay home and do nothing, didn't want to listen to "girls" who were whinny and bored; so what to do?  I did something completely out of my comfort zone: I planned a trip with out my hubby for a the girls and I to go to Chicago stay at a good hotel and shop or do whatever until we dropped.

Now this was going to be a lesson in compromise.  Our second twin, (a yellow), is very much like I am, the first is more like my hubby, (a red), and very much about pushing envelopes, so it was going to be a challenge for my mini-me and I to be understanding and patient with her, and she with us.  It was something we talked about before the trip; all our worries and concerns about what would happen if something came up and what not.

I was terrified that everything I planned would not work out!  Did I get the right tickets for the train?  Will the hotel be OK, will we find it?  How about the city buses and L-train, will we get lost?  Will we die!  I had to reign in all my doubts and know that I was a capable grown woman, a mother of four, a professional ministry woman; and not let the Devil tell me that somehow it was all going to go to heck in a hand basket because I was organizing it all!

So we left with a mixture of excitement and a tiny bit of concern.  What happened?  We had a great time!  So in your face Devil for trying to ruin it all!   We shopped the Mag Mile, they got a tiny Coach bag and I got a Michael Kors on sale, went to the Lincoln park Zoo, we were staying in Lincoln park at the Days Inn, best place in the world!  We went to the Chicago History Museum, the Nature Museum, Newberry Library, spend a few days visiting family.  We felt like real Chicagoans riding the bus and L-trains.  Even helped a couple of tourists! Walked, I rode my rented go-go and toured the neighbourhoods.  It was the best time ever!

We did all get very sick.  I came down with bronchitis, our eldest twinnie with sinus, and our youngest with an asthma cough.  We had to figure out how to deal with my severely sprained angle, answer we rented a go-go and it was great!  All in all with much love, understanding of each other, and our individual needs we had the best girls adventure ever!

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