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You are Jesus, Jesus is You: WWJD Only Deeper

You shall love your neighbor as yourself. Mk 12:31  This Gospel has always has the same message for me, "If you can't love yourself how are you going to love someone else!"  Look very closely to the passage above, do you see what I see? 

Jesus is always teaching about relationships.  Everything that Jesus did was based on relationships: His with the Father, with each other, with ourselves and Him, with His own mother, ours with the Father and now ours with our self.  To Jesus the most important thing was to have a relationship with another person.  For Him you could not be truly one with the Father unless you were also one with yourself and others!  And that makes a great deal of sense.  If we are made in the image and likeness of God, if the Holy Spirit dwells in us than every time we meet with someone we are not meeting only "them" but God within them.

As for our relationship with our selves how do we feel about that?  Do we love our selves, or do we feel as if to do that is to become vain?  Jesus is not talking about becoming annoying with self love, but to understand that YOU, YES YOU, are just as important a person to care for, treat well, and find worthy to love as everyone else.  Loving yourself as your neighbour.  Think about that for a second.  If you do not love yourself, than your treatment of your neighbour will be based/must be based on how well you treat yourself.

Imagine you are driving, someone cuts you off; now if you are not feeling every good about yourself, feeling unworthy of love, than EVERYONE will seem to be out to get you, out to make your life miserable, or that you somehow deserve all the bad treatment you are getting.  Does that sound like Jesus to you?  Because if we are made in the image and likeness of God than we are dealing with Jesus in everyone and how everyone is perceived to be treating us is how we think Jesus is treating us. And because we are made in the image and likeness we ARE Jesus to another and how well are we representing Jesus in our actions to others?  Think of it as this: You are Jesus, Jesus is You, the old WWJD only deeper.

Does that seem to make sense, what do you think?

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