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Who I am doing this For?

“The Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve.” (Matthew 20:28) Serving will transform us.

On of the questions we can ask ourselves is: "Who am I doing this for?"

Being a servant leader requires that we put aside ourselves for the best of the whole.  It is about selflessness.  When we become servant leaders we become part of the greater whole.  It is not dreams deferred but dreams magnified.  We no longer are the only ones making the decision but when we become servant leaders we include God in all aspects of our lives.  We no longer have to shoulder all the troubles in our lives, we allow God into our trauma.

We can release ourselves from being the Helicopter mom, the Perfectionist mom, the Best-friend mom; we release ourselves from the thought that only we can control things. When we are no longer the one in control, we can now concentrate on the things that are truly important: What we have been called to be: Priest, Prophet and Queen.

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