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When Violet came along

I have come not to abolish but to fulfill. (Matthew 5:17)  I was reading a People Magazine article on Jennifer Garner's, the wife of Ben Afflect, attitude toward mothering; it seems she sees children as the fulfillment of her life not the abolishment.  In the small article I read "when Violet came along 'Jen never changed her way of doing things. She just brought the baby with her everywhere.'"  Jesus does seem to be saying to us, as moms, that: "If I came to fulfill the law, than children should not make you want to abolish your calling and dreams!"  

When my hubby and I became parents on our honeymoon, it was not what we wanted, but it is what God had planned.  For months I struggled with the idea of being pregnant.  I hated the idea so much I would cringe at the word!  I felt as if God was laughing at me; and would often pray: "OK God you gave me this desire and talent and take it away by making me a mom!"  It wasn't until I sat down and talked with a mom mentoring friend of mine that I got a different perspective.   She helped me see that being a mom wasn't a burden that was taking away but was a gift that was giving to.  When I thought about that it made sense.  Our children do not come into our lives to rule them, but they become part of the family, we are ones in large and in charge!

We are called to be Priest, Prophet and Queen to our children; if we allow our children to abolish our calling by making them the center of our lives leaving out our husbands, duty and responsibility than we are not fulfilling our calling to do as God called us to do.  Children come into our lives and leave them again.  If they become our job than when they leave we will be forced into early retirement with no purpose in our lives.  But if our children are an appropriate part of the fabric of our lives than their leaving will be a natural outcome of our calling as parents.  Our married lives will not be disturbed, our other responsibilities will not be overshadowed; children will be seen as the blessing they can be.


  1. Patty i'm not sure we can become Priest Prophet "Queen"...

    1. Why is that; the Baptismal prayer clearly says: You are Baptized as Priest, Prophet & King, last time I looked Queen was the proper word for female ruler. If we are priestly people, kingly = queenly for us of the female persuasion; I don't see the harm in the word.

      If you observed a Baptism at my parish you would hear our Pastor clearly use the female term when baptizing little girls, and the male when baptizing boy. I don't get hung up on words. FYI: You will see my pastor in the sidebar as priest supporters and Advisor; he is the advisor

      Interesting comment, thanks for sharing!

  2. The priest uses the word "queen?"..

    1. Has for years, 15 years that he has been pastor, used it as a seminarian, associate pastor, with the blessing of our Bishop. In fact before our Bishop became Bishop he taught at the seminary that our pastor attended.

      Aren't men and women equal in God's eyes, so what would be the shock of using the feminine for King?

      Thanks for wanting the FYI