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Self-esteem for Catholics

“… So that all may honor the Son just as they honor the Father.” (John 5:23) Again another Scripture that references not only the relationship we should have between God and ourselves but also with ourselves and others! Self-respect, self-esteem seem to be very important to Jesus, and they seem to be the build blocks of a successful spiritual life.

The Lion of Judah
Years ago my hubby and I went to a comedy club in Grand Rapids with some family members, we had a great time and the headliner was a man who had a very minor role on the old HBO show the Sopranos.   He had a very interesting introduction where we learned how it was to work on the set and he explained what a raider was and in his he had that he had to go to daily and Sunday Mass.  Now my ears always prick up when I hear anything Catholic and I was fascinated with him right there and then; he explained how important his faith was, and how it helped over come some very hard times when his self-esteem was at his lowest.  He told some very funny stories of his life and had one very thought provoking joke.  He remembered his very Irish mother when ever he was in trouble would say JMJ help me before saying whatever she was going to yell at him.  That got him wondering what would Mary say to Jesus in the same situation: You Me and Your Father?

Two things come to mind for me: One that his mother would say JMJ I know in her situation it was out of frustration but it was still a prayer.  And next: You, Me and Your Father.  

You = Jesus right now at this moment, Me = literally you dear reader and Our Father = God are together in a holy Trinity of love, respect and support.  If we believe that God lifts us up when we are in trouble than that is self-esteem building.  If we believe that Jesus came to save us than that is self-esteem building.  If we believe that Jesus is with us right now, than that is self-esteem building!  Without self-esteem we cannot pick up our heads, we become depressed and a feeling of unworthiness comes over us.  Self-esteem for Catholics is the knowledge that God has forgiven our sins, He will never remember them.  It is knowing that we are made in the image and likeness of God.  It is self-esteem building to know that Jesus was fully God and Fully Man, so he went through all we do/did.

These alone should give us hope!

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