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Priest Prophet and Queen

Maybe its a cultural thing, maybe its an generation thing; I don't know, but what is wrong with Priest, Prophet Queen that is who we are!

Call me a new age Catholic and I will take that as a compliment; after all Jesus came to enter in a new age!  I will stand behind my belief that God has called us, women, by our Baptism to be Priest, Prophet and Queen!  I am not a man so I am not a king.  I am not saying that I am an immaculate virgin, or the Queen of Heaven.  I am not diminishing the role of Jesus as Priest, Prophet and King.  With that logic than the only people "worthy"
to help continue Jesus' mission on earth would be men; what does that say about our nuns and consecrated virgins?  I am not taking away the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary, but by acknowledging my Queenship I am acknowledging the role Mary had in releasing women from the curse of Eve, as being only those who bring sin into the world.  Mary is the new Eve and so elevated women to the rightful place in the mission of Jesus!

I am saying that Jesus* anointed my head with chrism when I was an infant and again when I was confirmed to be Priest, Prophet and Queen!  And I take those roles very seriously!

*Yes Jesus anointed my head through the hands of the Priest.

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