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 I am not taking away the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary, but by acknowledging my Queenship I am acknowledging the role Mary had in releasing women from the curse of Eve, as being only those who bring sin into the world.  Mary is the new Eve and so elevated women to the rightful place in the mission of Jesus!

Read: Priest, Prophet and Queen


  1. I am confused. I guess I don't see myself as a Queen of anything. But I do see Mary as the Queen of Saints and my holy mother. I know it matters so I don't want to answer that. But I'm confused because I definitely am devoted to Mary and honor her...but I don't think that gives ME any sort of place of honor. Does that make sense?

    1. Of course it does! Our pastor has been baptizing baby girls and Priest, Prophet and Queen for years. It is not about giving us a special honor or place, but to acknowledge that just as men are called to be Priest, Prophet and King we have an equal responsibility as priest prophet and Queen to the mission of Christ!

    2. okay, that makes sense. I need to mull that over a bit, because we have a fairly orthodox parish and I don't remember hearing that verbiage in the baptism rite, but we baptize our infants as soon as possible after birth and I'm usually in a fog for a few months post-partum. :)