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Keep On Truck

Say you are Mayim Bialik and you want to appear strong, confident as a Priest, prophet Queen should; how do you do that?

1. Be an example to others, not an excuse. Not always the easiest thing in the world when you are trying to convince others of your calling.  So don't try and convince anyone; its like putting two fighting roosters in the same yard, they will go after each other until one or both are seriously injured or die; don't want that!  Its best to smile and nod.  You be the example of what you are being called to be.  Those who have ears will hear, eyes will see.

2. Don't be judgmental.  Ever played paintball?  Than you know it hurts to be hit!  After so many hits you want to go and smack the person hitting you to make them stop!  That is How it is when you have people telling you how they don't think you know what you are doing, or that what you are doing isn't the right way, or whatever... You want to go smack 'em...become judgmental.  You don't what it done to you, so don't do it to others.  We can hit others with our words, and they sting as badly as any physical hit.  Always take a second to breath, pray about what you are going to say before you say it.

3. Let others SEE (openly) how you deal with a crisis. When you have people looking for every crack in your calling armour, every hole in your calling chain mail, its best to let them see how you handle yourself in a crisis.  To be the strong Priest, Prophet and Queen that you are called to be, you have to be willing to be open when it comes to trouble; I didn't say to tell everyone every detail, but give them an honest brief, very brief overview of what is going on.  Its OK to say: "Yes you read that right our eldest was ____________ for ________; "that's it, than add: "And thank you for your concern."  No need to go into any other details, or explanation.  Your job as Queen is to keep secure your family, tell the truth, but do it gently.

4. Share your story. There are two things here: One: sharing your story of trouble with ONLY those whom you KNOW will not betray you, gossip about you or treat with disdain.  We all need support and sometime we need to share the burden with someone, but only a select someone.  I know from personal experience that sharing with people who do not have your best interest at heart is very damaging!
Two: Sharing your wisdom with another mom in trouble can be very supporting, but only IF she asks YOU.  Then do it in a way that is supportive to her, don't bring in old history that will only makes you look like your being selfish.

5. Pray without ceasing.  "Enuff said"

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