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Father's Day Catholic Style

When Joseph awoke, he did as the angel of the Lord had commanded him. (Matthew 1:24) Today in the USA is the feast of Saint Joseph, earthly father of Jesus.  I was reading the Gospel mediation and was struck by the statement:  'In a world where so many say, “My will be done.”'  I want to reflect on all the parents who have said "Thy Will."  It hurts me to the quick when I read that so many good Christian/Catholics see the world as evil and people as selfish.  There are those who are, sure, but is everyone?  

Today I am thinking about fathers like Tanner's Dad, who deal with Autistic children.  Of  Matt Hammitt, the Christian singer whose son has a serious heart defect. Of the fathers of the organization National Centre for Fathering.   Of the young man/teen father Tyler of MTV's Teen Mom who with his girlfriend Catelynn did a brave and unselfish act of placing their daughter up for adoption.  I say these are examples of very typical men who have been called by God to become extraordinary: to become Fathers.  What of these men, are they only selfish? When we brush with a broad brush we miss all the fine nuances and we are in danger of doing that when we make sweeping assumptions. 

These men and thousands like them may not have had angels awaken them at night, maybe some did who knows, but they all had callings from God that they responded to with a resounding YES!  These men have found, just as mothers have, that to respond to that YES is not always easy, but is always worth it.

Did you have an angel wake you in the middle of the night presenting you with a calling?

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