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Culture War: Polarizing, Damaging

I don't support the culture war.  It is polarizing, damaging, it does nothing to help create a society of justice. I do not believe that is it the duty of the government to help those who are in trouble, if we believe in God than it is our duty to help.  I don't believe that Hollywood has destroyed our society, it is our responsibility to teach our children to be authentic, and original, not a copy of someone else. I believe that there are good people on both sides: The Liberal and the Conservative.

I don't believe that each generation is worst than the last, there is no research to support that.  Is there horror in the world yes.  Is there ugliest, yes.  But is there also beauty in the world, far more.  Are there those who take no political side but work to create a better world, far more.

Are there things to work for yes.  It is our duty to find that issue that we are called to work for/toward and do what we can, but to be polarizing it only creates defensiveness when coming to an understanding would gain so much more.  Will society ever be what we want it to be, no, that is impossible to achieve, too many opinions among the left and the right as to how society should be; so it is up to us to create a corner of our world that is created as God calls us, and let God do the rest!

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