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Big Government, Big Journalism, Big Hollywood, Oh Please!

 “Be merciful.” (Luke 6:36) Brooks Bayne ‏ @brooksbayne Tweeted this on Sunday: "a time for war, and a time for peace. - ecc. 3 (guess which time it is now) #BigGovernment #BigJournalism #BigPeace #BigHollywood #Breitbart"  My Reply was:  So tired of ppl acting like they have no control over building society; so this morning when the reading was Luke 6: 36 - 38 my jaw dropped on the floor!

According to Brook Bayne it is time for war, but I say it is time for mercy!  How can we create a new society if we do not use mercy!  Mr. Bayne would suggest that somehow we can not create a positive society, we are controlled by big government, big journalism, big Hollywood, oh please!

As mothers we are called to build society by raising children who will do good for society.  If each of us care for our corner of the world and do the best to create a society where mercy and love prevail, than society will be better.  If we treat each person with mercy than our society will be better.  If we can treat those who have less with mercy than society will have mercy.

It is up to us to create the society we want.  Politics are just one tiny part of what we can do to help society.  Journalism is just how society is reported. And Hollywood tells the story it sees around.  If we want all of these to be merciful than it is our charge to do better than we are, we have to work harder that our actions be positive, that what we do builds-up and not puts down.  Do we help serve those who are in soup kitchens, go to visit those who are home bound?  Do we show our children how to treat others by being kind in our acts and words?  Do we volunteer at a women's shelter helping to encourage and support so that their lives will be better?  

What have you done to help create a merciful society?

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