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“As many as seven times?” (Matthew 18:21) As a mom we are being called to forgive, forgive, forgive and to teach our children to forgive, forgive, forgive. What this Gospel says to moms is that patience is the key to parenting and the basis of all relationships. How often have we had to bite our tongues when it comes to our children. We have to know that discipline has to be based on love and forgiveness. The old idea that sparing the rod is spoiling the child, does not mean that we should spank our children, but to guide our children.

 I was teaching a parenting class on the subject of spanking.
One of the moms said that the shepard used the rod to beat the sheep that were wondering away.  If that were true no sheep would follow the shepard, the rod was to guide the sheep back to the herd, not beat it into submission.  There is no evidence that shepards would break legs of wondering sheep.  Sheep were too expensive and a source of valuable income and food source for them to endanger the sheep with a source of infection from a broken leg.  It was impractical for the shepard to carry a lamb around his shoulders while its leg healed, making it hard if not impossible to deal with the other sheep.  When we do see lambs on the shoulders of shepards is because the lamb had been wounded, the lamb was seeking refuse from the pain and hurt feeling protected and loved by the shepard.

When we are patient and forgive our children, they feel like they can take refuse on our shoulders escaping all the hurt and pain of the world. 

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