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Whitney Houston is Dead

"All the papers had to say Was that Marilyn was found in the nude." Candle in the Wind song by Sir Elton John. In his memorial song to Marilyn Monroe this line speaks of how the fact of her death is not the paramount fact, no it has to be the siliceous fact that get the biggest play.

Many people are commenting on Whitney Houston's death and because she was known to have a drug problem it is the first thing that we think of and what to talk about.  The fact that this poor woman is gone, her only child is mourning for her, and that many thought of her as a great talent means nothing. Its so seductive to want to hear all the salacious facts about someone famous.  We can stand rubbing our hands together thinking we are such good moral people because we don't do this, or we would never be caught with that.  Did Whitney Houston do drugs.  Yes, she did and she was very public with the fact, but should that be what we focus on, gossip about.  And yes for those of you who say things like: "That's not's speculation....she did have a history of drug use/abuse...I wouldn't be surprised if it's related to her death."  I say that is gossip no matter how you want to hide it by saying that its speculation. Isn't speculation the beginning of gossip?  Doesn't  gossip and speculation both have an element of judgement about them?  Doesn't gossip and speculation both include some element of fact?  When we "speculate" about someone we are sending a clear message not about the person, but about ourselves; a message I don't think Jesus would like, that we have little respect for those around us.  Consider the stoning of the woman caught in adultery.  Was she adulterous, yes!  What was Jesus doing, not picking up stones that is for sure!  I think what Jesus was doing was writing down all the things those oh so righteous men never wanted the world to know.

Let's be Christianly and think about how we would feel is we were at a funeral of our beloved Aunt, Mother, Sister, Grandmother and all we were hearing were the whispered "facts" about her.  All the things she did wrong, things she said that were embarrassing, actions she took that were not right, how many of us are so pure, holy that we are without sin?  None of us!  Be careful, Jesus could be writing out those things you don't want the world to know.

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