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What if Job went on Retreat?

Tomorrow is the school run retreat for one of the famous Twinnies, our eldest, she will be gone 24 hours to spend time contemplating her calling, her gifts and talents.  That is the advantage of a Catholic High School, giving students an opportunity with God.  Considering Job this week, maybe he could have benefited from a retreat!

There are three types of spiritual direction: Private, Preached and Directed.

You can divide these experiences into two camps and three types: Regular and Decaf, because of their intensity and purpose; the more deeply you wish to seek the more intense: A directed spiritual direction is the most intense of the three forms: Its the regular coffee you can only drink once in a while because its going to keep you up all night!

If you choose directed/retreat spiritual direction expect to be meeting with your director on a daily basis for an hour at the retreat house where you will be give spiritual exercises to do and then meeting the next day to discuss the experiences of those exercises. A directed retreat/spiritual direction can last a weekend or follow the more traditional schedule of lasting forty days.  These intense sessions are best if you are considering a vocation: such as the religious life, before marriage or choosing a career path; because of their time commitment you should only consider it if you have time to commit to the process.

If you have gone to a parish mission you have experienced a type of preached retreat.  They can be regular or decaf depending on the preached retreat type.  Preached retreat follow a set theme with prayers that follow that theme, and depending on the preached retreat, there maybe counseling available, and a Mass opening and closing the retreat.  There are preached retreats given to parishes during Lent, missions or other specific wants; these retreats often seem like conferences with many speakers, and perhaps workshops.  There is an aspect of learning involved with these Preached retreats.  Than there are the Healing Preached Retreat, these retreats have a specific focus and desire to help retreatants begin the healing process and know God is with them during it.

Finally, the most decaf of retreats, the least intensive of the retreats, is the private. During a private retreat a  retreatant will met one on one with a director and discuss issues and concerns the retreatant may have.  Sessions of Spiritual Direction is a form of retreat, a very mini one granted, but still a form of retreat.  If someone were to come to me for private retreat/Spiritual Direction; we would begin with prayer, and then use mediation, insightful discussion of life and spiritual issues to help us, together, determine the presence of God. My spiritual/Catholic philosophy is that the relationship with God is intense, intimate, and invisible that is why it so important to emphasis the understanding of those daily God moments.  Because of this prayer is a tremendously powerful instrument of any session or retreat I may have with a person; with it we invite the Holy to be with us as we explore any areas of feeling “stuck” that we might have and with prayer we ask for healing of those wounded places. I want to journey with moms helping them create a prayer life which flows and works best, explore goals so that there is always forward movement toward God's calling, discover spiritual gifts and talent, prioritize all aspects of life so they are a more harmonious whole and finally to examine, understand and realize how all this works and helps strengthen mothering and all other relationships.

The goal of every type of retreat is for you to have a deeper understanding of God, yourself and your calling.  

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