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We Have All Been There

We have all been there

Spiritual Lives Of Women helps mothers explore the spiritual connection of pregnancy, childbirth, mothering to see how these connections create a deeper understanding of God, herself, her callings, relationships.

Carla Barnhill, editor of Christian Parenting Today, has written in her book: The myth of the Perfect Mother: Rethinking the spirituality of Women; that “Motherhood isn’t about the work involved in raising children…It isn’t a set of tasks or expectations, either…” it’s about relationships. 

WHAT SPIRITUAL DIRECTION IS: A way to discover what God is saying through the events, situations and relationships of life. Good spiritual direction always reflects what the other person is saying, living and experiencing. It seeks to guide not cure, coerce or judge

WHY YOU WOULD WANT IT: We are not meant to shoulder our sacred stories alone. With direction our life callings become clearer, our spirituality more defined, ourselves more authentic.

WHAT SPIRITUAL DIRECTION IS NOT: It is not psycho-therapy, counseling, or life coaching. It is a spiritual-emotional ministry that helps moms understand God's calling in their lives. It seeks to guide not cure, coerce or judge

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