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#DearYoungerSelf God is your Heavenly Father. When you don't pray, for whatever reason, He misses hearing from you. #reallove

It is a righteous cause to pray for your own needs.  Today's reading Solomon dedicates the Temple there is a royal procession for the Ark, Holy sacrifice, it is a joyous, solemn occasion.  The people now have God in His Holy Temple, they can be here Him, He is now real.  

What place do you have set aside so you can spend five minutes with the Lord God who loves you?


  1. Thank you for this Patty. I don't have a particular place. I talk to Him all the time during my day. I have a picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus always watching over me. When I forget to keep Him in my decisions and actions, I look up and He is there! Visiting from the Finding New Friends Blog Hop! My dream was always to work for Catholic Social Services and Project Rachel. God has other plans for me right now! Hugs.

  2. New Follower from Finding New Friends Blog Hop! Love your blog. Not many spiritual blogs out there or ones that I have found. I look forward to following you!