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Poor Pity Me!!!

We can go down the poor pity me road for only so long before it destroys us.  That may be the most powerful message that the Book of Job has to often us!

Job is a man in despair and he seeks to understand why God is punishing him with afflictions, he talks with his best friends pouring out what he is feeling.  His friends seems to be berating Job for his pity party.  Job has endured so much, and his friends counter every argument by saying to him I would appeal to God, for He bestows Miracles and then goes on to say that God is there to raise us up from all that life has to give us.  We may have troubles but God is always there to help us.  I was thinking about the Book Of Job when I saw the Super Bowl commercial by Clint Eastwood and it made me cry.  This commercial has been accused of being a hidden political statement but I did not see that.  To me Mr. Eastwood was acting very similarly to the friends of Job who were saying to Job: "Look, life is not always fair, that is true, but it is also wonderful!"  It seems we as a nation we have been spending far too much time listing all our troubles, as a people we have become so convinced that there is nothing left for us to do, we are not the America of the past, we can't become that America again!  As individuals we have stopped trying to be greater than our troubles.

God demands Job be brave enough to respond to God, and I think God has been challenging us to do the same; to be more than we think we are, as a nation, a people and as individuals.  Like Job we can only dwell so long in the pity party before we just become so burdened by our own whining words that they begin to sound hollow even to ourselves!  We become so disguises by ourselves that we have to pick ourselves up and begin to do better, be better, see ourselves better!

At one point in Chapter 19: 16 job laments: "I summon my servant, but he does not answer, though I beg him with my own mouth."  Reread that statement as if it were God saying those words to us, that we were the "servants" who did not answer even though God begs us with His own mouth.  I believe that for some time God has been begging us, as a people, a nation and individuals to be better, to be greater than ourselves, will we answer that call! 

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