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I See People

 Mark 8:22-26 “I see people looking like trees and walking.” (Mark 8:24) What do you see?  Sometimes our focus shifts and we don't notice that it has happened; suddenly we no longer see the world the same way.  God calls us to look again, he wants to clear away those things that have blocked our true view of the world around, help us keep our eyes on our prize.

As a mother: Priest, Prophet and Queen we can become so over burdened by all the responsibility that its easy to lose sight of our prize: our calling, our life.  Let's spend a moment looking at how God helps us find our calling.  We each have our own unique talents, skills and accomplishments made from all our life experiences, home life, schooling and our own inherit God given abilities; these help guide us toward those things we which can do, be, it's the childhood dream of being a nurse, the teen age discovery that we are good at helping others, or the young college women who finds a course of study that fascinates us.  These are God moments in our lives.  God moments those “coincidences” or “happenstance,” we recognize as God guiding us.  These God moments are experiences of the presence of the Living God breaking into our “ordinary” lives.

Of course when we lose sight, we fall off the path of our lives, but God is good and is there to help us return to our path.

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