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The Family Great Commandment

 “Whoever wishes to save his life will lose it.” (Mark 8:35)  As a mom: priest, prophet and Queen, we have lost our lives to others.  Do you remember your first pregnancy, not your recent one, the first one; that is where our old life was lost.  

We truly were no longer who we were, we truly would never be that person ever again!  For some of us this was an exciting time, time that was planned, was hoped for, will be seen as a gift.  For others this first pregnancy will not be something looked for with excitement, or hoped for or as a gift; God had other plans for us, plans we are sure we want.  It is our opportunity to make this new life the best it can be!  We must remember that God has called us to become one with our spouse, and that is evident by our child, and that child will be how we express our calling of Priest, Prophet and Queen, and finally we are called to be who God asks us to be, fully.

Call it the Family Great Commandment.

circle of moms infographic pregnant reactions 

What was your first reaction?

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