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Do Not Remember the Events of the Past

I see this as my hand being the child's hand
resting in the hand of God

This whole week revolves around how much God loves us, how he longs to release us from our burdens, how he longs to heal us: spiritually and emotionally. In Sunday's readings we learn how God does not hold a grudge; once a sin is forgiven its gone baby, done with, exists no more!!!!  And each reading of this week speaks of how God takes every opportunity to deliver us from our woundedness. “Thus says the LORD: Remember not the events of the past, the things of long ago consider not; see, I am doing something new!”  Is 43:18-19, 21-22, 24b-25  God's love is so complete for us that He will not be reminded of our past sins, our past transgressions.

Soon we will begin the great season of Lent, and this year is the year that God is calling us to let go of all our burdens, to accept that God loves us with such great urgency that he died for us!  Can we let go of the grudges we hold?  Can we forgive ourselves of the all we "think" we did, we actually did, and we might do?  Can we take up our beds and walk?

Why is it that we hold onto these things, these grudges, and these burdens?  For many of the moms I work with it begins with how they see themselves.  There are some who no matter what happened in their lives they have a deeply held belief that they are worthy, they are loved by God.  These moms weather the storms of life so much better.  For them their past is their past; what happened to them did happen but it no longer has power over them, it becomes just a fact.  The other mom will see the past as ever present, always with them dictating what happens in their lives: past, present and future.  They cannot see themselves as God's child, because they cannot believe that God would want them!  Both moms are wounded, both will say "Lord, heal my soul, for I have sinned against you"; but only one will believe it. 
If we can accept God’s promise that he makes all things new, that he no longer remembers our sin than there is much in our past that we can use now, much we have learned, tools we have gathered, and that is God's forgiveness manifest.  Our past has become new; we can use it to move us forward; because now we have the capacity to help someone else, to guide them with our personally gained wisdom.  We can rejoice that the past on longer has control over us but that we have control of the past. 

Take the story of, (Mark 9:24), the father with a son possessed by a demon.  The crowds were convinced that Jesus wasn't going to be able to cure the boy, the disciples couldn’t.  What if that did happen, what would it mean; that Jesus was not what people had been experiencing, that Jesus did not care for the boy or for this father, or could it have been something else; Jesus does say that the reason the disciples could cure the boy was the lack of prayer, the father who felt abandoned and says to Jesus: “But if you can do anything, have compassion on us and help us.”
The two types of moms would see the story of father with the possessed son one would say: "God has other plans for me and I will pray about what they are."  The other mom would say: "God has abandoned me, and now I must suffer alone!"  It is the abandonment that is the key to understanding.  When we feel abandoned by God disbelief can take root.  The devil says to us: "See I told you, God isn't going to help someone LIKE you!"  When these thoughts come into our mind we must remember that faith is more than just waiting for Jesus to do something to us, as much as working with Jesus to create our miracle.  We must take charge of our spiritual emotional life; it is prayer, faith and action that create the miracles in our lives.

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