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Are You Becoming Mommy at a Cost

  Mark 8:15 Watch out!  Once you fall into a rut it can be quite difficult getting yourself out of it. Once you start the what if train of thought it is hard to stop it.

This morning's Gospel reading was Mark 8: 14-21 and it is as if this were a Valentine to all those moms out there who have fallen and can't get up!

Sometimes being a mom is just a series of mundane boring chores one right after the other, or dreams deferred, dreams we "mourn' instead of work to create, or troubles and worries that keep us up all night pacing and if we aren't careful we will find that we have paced ourselves right into a rut, and you know what they call ruts don't you?  Graves with the ends knocked out!

In the Gospel reading Jesus reminds us that:  He,(God), is a giver of good gifts, and he is unchanging.  Here are the disciples grumbling about what they have forgotten, sometimes we grumble about what we have forgotten: Dreams, hopes; that what if thinking.  But God is saying now wait a minute here!  Get your mind out of what you think you don't have and think about all I give you and will continue to give you thank you very much!

We all get stuck in the what if thinking, what if the baby gets sick and my husband is away, what if my little one doesn't like school, what if what I found in my child's backpack is drugs, what if life is really over and I have missed all my opportunities!  What if thinking is not what is going to move you forward and God tells us that!  He tells us to watch out for those thoughts,  'look out for the yeast of the Pharisees and the yeast of Herod.'  Think of what if thoughts as the yeast of the Pharisees.  As a movement the Pharisees were taught to separate themselves from their neighbour, there was a sense of superiority about them, so we should think of those what if thoughts as trying to separate ourselves from what God has called us to be: Priest, Prophet and Queen.   If we are not following God's call to us than aren't we being a little superior, those thoughts make us act as if we know better, they lie to us BIG time about what God wants for us: only good things!

And God tells us in the Gospel today that he has already given us all we need, maybe we should look at how to get what we need.

  • Prayer: praying about what we need opens us up to God's Divine will and power in our lives.  God wants to give us all we need, sometimes we get what we need but it wasn't what we asked for, be willing to accept that blessing and use the positive tools provided to you in it.
  • Getting support: we should not let embarrassment or thoughts of what others might think stop us from getting all the resources and knowledge we need to solve our troubles.  God has created many wise and wonderful helpers along the way of our life and seeking out their help will be as if God is standing before us giving us the advice and wisdom we need.
  • Stop those what if thoughts in their tracks: not as simple as it sounds I know but if we list all the things God has done for us we will begin to see a pattern of success and hopefulness in our lives.  Breaking down the most difficult situation in a way that lists all the goodness and what that goodness has done to help will give us a positive direction to go.
So, what Good Things Has God Given You Today?

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