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7 Quick Takes into a Spiritual Director's Life (1) Like Kiddies on X-Mas Morn

This is my first 7 and I am kinda of excited by it, don't know why, maybe its the idea of sharing with other moms/bloggers, maybe its me.

1.  Spent this week without my hubby, he was away in Europe on a business trip.  :(  Find much strength and good will :)  But the week got very long in the tooth as the girls and I missed him by day 5 :(

2.  Had a great week getting to spend time with the kiddies. :)

3.  Shared more laughs than drama with our twinnie 16 year old girls :)

4.  Listened to their funny, inspiring, thought provoking stories about life at a Catholic High School and learned that our girls are so wise, caring and loving :0  Related some of my own, I was in an all girl Catholic High School in my beloved Washington DC

5. Was there when our eldest twinnie, someone who could easily be a therapist, had to vent, let out all the burdens of others onto someone else's strong shoulders, glad I was that person.  Shared techniques on how to not let other's burdens become hers.

6. On day six had an emotional breakdown from all the tiredness of being both Mommy and Daddy.  My hubby and I have been married 20 + years and he has gone on business trips every year of our married life, in fact there is business trip season in our house: the time daddy will be gone on trips.  When we were first married he was only going on trips to the states where his company took him, now with more responsibility he is going out of the country. : \

7. So excited to have daddy come home. :) Girls and I went to airport to pick him up, were like kiddies on X-Mass morning!  :)

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