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What!!!! No You Are Not Taking Your Senior Portrait In THAT

  This is a yearbook picture?  I am so sorry but that is no yearbook picture!  If you go to Yahoo! and read the comments on the story of Sydney Spies and her protest of  Durango High School's, in Durango, Col., decision to not allow her use her "Senior Protrait", you would read a majority of comments that question this girl's taste level but also her parents judgment. This "outfit" was not found in my either of my twinnies' closet but it easily could have been in one of twinnie's closet for sure!   One of the comments I have read about this picture says: Shallow parents raise shallow Children.  Maybe it's not shallowness?

At our Baptism we were commissioned into the mission of Christ to be Priest, Prophet and Queen.   Two of the roles: Prophet and Queen, deal directly to what we want to pass on to our children.  Prophet = Teacher has a much deeper component than just sending children off to Sunday School, or Catholic School, Homeschooling them; it calls us to instill in our children life long beliefs about themselves.   The Church says we are the first teachers of our children, about life, about values, about basic believes.  It is not always an easy job to be teacher, you have to have very straight in your head what are your values, your attitude toward life and  your basic believes; how you live out your life is what the children will model!

Now to have those values, beliefs and attitude you have to able to convene them in a way that is both powerful and loving: Queenly.  One of the things I have learned over the years is that emotions can get in the way of being the Queen of your home.  If you are unsure or afraid that your children will hate you, you have lost.  I am not saying that we should be emotionless, no, we are asked to put aside those emotions of fear, and doubt and trust in our own God given beliefs.  We should have spent time in our early marriage working out those beliefs, but if we haven't that doesn't mean we are screwed to the wall, and can do nothing; it means that we work hard on creating strong beliefs and attitudes that say: I love you but no!

Our very wise eldest twinnie said it best: "We, she meant teens in general, want rules, we need them, we need you to stand up and be: you fill in the blank: ______________!"

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  1. I totally agree with you. I'm also glad I don't have girls. I have two boys. We aren't supposed to be our children's best friends, we are supposed to be their parents. When they are living outside the house they can take my advice or leave it and at that time you can be friend to your child. You will have to expect your children to tell you they hate you at some point. Its hard, but at least I will know in my heart I taught my children values and one day they will thank me for them.

    Heather From and Mommy Only Has 2 Hands!