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Nothing is going to come between me and my baby's life!

John 10:15 I will lay down my life.  What mother won't do anything to protect her child, but would you do this? There are times as mothers when we have all thought, if its them or my baby, by God it is going to be them!  But none of us have ever had to put that thought into practice, not until this OK mom: Sarah McKinley.

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I don't know Sarah and I am not judging her choice, I am exploring my own reaction to it: would I take a life?  We all know that mother bear instinct that makes us fully aware of what is going on in our families world, but could I take a life?  I think I could take the bullet if it came to it, but a life? 

I don't envy Sarah's heart stopping choice, but if you look into her eyes you know that NOTHING was going to harm her baby! And this decision is even more heart wrenching when you know the whole story.  It seems that one of the men had been stalking Sarah, and Christmas Day her husband had lost his battle with lung cancer!  So here is a very young mom, only 18, now a widow, dealing with some crazed admirer with a knife trying to break into her home on New Year's Eve, who has to make split second decision that no-one should have to make: take a life to protect herself and her baby.  None of us know what would have happened if Sarah had not taken that action; would she be dead and her baby unharmed.  Was this stalker, someone she knew, going to do anything, something, everything?  And what about the second intruder, what was his part?

What is she to do?  Certainly Jesus and his disciples were compassionate, and they were non-violent, but they were not doormats.  Jesus always took a stance that put him in direct line with the authority, he advocated resistance against the powers to be, support for the lowly and forgotten.  But he also said that he came with a sword to pit mother against daughter. (Matthew 10:34-36)  We are commanded to hate what is evil and cling to what is good. (Romans 12:9)  Does that mean taking a life when your life and the life of you child is threatened?  It is a question that will take much prayer, much contemplation of values and beliefs, much compassion.

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