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Miracle Baby

Now I know the Church does not want us to put ourselves to such extraordinary methods to have a child that we become more science experiment that married couple; but you have to feel for these couple who battle with infertility.  The pain these couples feel month after disappointing month, how can we judge their battle, their decision, their desire to fulfill what God has asked: that we be fruitful and multiply.  From natural conception to natural death.

This lovely little girl, this gift, being held by her proud father, who beams so brightly he and his wife could light up the city in which they live: This girl must have a great calling for she was a chance in a million, when you think that sperm and egg do not always find each other, this little girl was created from one sperm being in the right place for one egg; the only time and the only place, surely this little girl was meant to be here!

TODAY Health - 'Miracle' baby born from single frozen sperm:

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