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Juggler In A Wind Storm

  This is interesting. I agree that engagement with life is the biggest difference, not working outside the home necessarily. I have always had to work outside the home and I go in and out with how I feel about life in general. I think sometimes I feel like my faith-life suffers, other times maybe my work-life suffers and sometimes, in general, social life suffers. Regardless, the highest priority is the children and caring for them, and without the support of my husband, none of it would go very well. I think that has a lot to do with it...whether a woman has a strong support system at home and feels as though whatever she does (be it work outside the home, or be at home mothering the children) is valuable to her husband. ---  Michelle of Endless Strength comment on Working Moms are healthier and happier

It feels sometimes as if we, as moms, are being called to be a juggler in a windstorm!

Michelle, my dear friend, I agree with you 100%!  One of the greatest foundation in a marriage are partners who nurture and support each others dreams, goals and callings; after all when we marry we are no longer one person but two in flesh and three in spirit with God.  The going in and out about which is suffering is a good time to discern what is out of balance.  None of us is going to feel balanced all the time, and when we don't; we have to think about what part of our relationship is suffering, and why.   I believe the old five W's and an H: Who, what, where, when, why and how are important discernment questions to ask; they help determine what we are being called to look at to help reachieve the balance in our lives.  Read more here

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