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I remember my mother saying that she raised my brother and I to be non-conventional, to stand out of the pack. I can see where some of that did happen: My brother is a Lawyer in Montana, a man raised on the East Coast now being as cowboy as can be.  Me I am a Spiritual Director, who has ever heard of that!

I remember being a Junior at Aquinas College and sitting in the Cafeteria eating, when the President came in with a group of some big wigs.  Now there was a sign clearly present saying No Smoking, and here was the President smoking!  It got my ire up and I went over said to him: "See the sign!  No smoking.  Now I can wait here for you to put it or I can make you eat it burning end first, you pick."  His mouth dropped, and the cigar he was smoking dangled for a second, then he put it out.  I said thank you and turned away!

As I left I heard him say: "There is a girl with some Chutspah!"  Wish I could always say that is true even now, as a mom I lost some of that, and I want it back.

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