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I go to my own mirco home

Where do you go to renew, refresh, restore yourself, your spirits?  For me my quite place is in my head, I imagine that I am on HTV Design Star and they have a challenge to build a mirco home for me.  It is furnished just the way I want, with all the things I want to have, that is the daydream get away: A place with no children, hubby, work to bother me!

For moms that is one of the hardest questions to answer, because, quite frankly, there doesn't seem to be enough time to find for that!  If you are a young mom than you who are busy with the everyday of it all: the diapers/nappies, feedings, cleaning up, picking, getting them down for nap, the endless list of things to do seems to grow longer and the time to do it always to grows shorter.  If you are mom of a school aged child than you are going to PTA, dealing with homework, making lunches, going on the school run, picking them, being classroom mom.  High school moms may not have all of that to worry about but your time is spent with worry about who are they hanging out with, what are they doing, will I be getting "that call?"

But we need that quite place.  We need that quite place because we have to nurture the relationship we have with ourselves if we ever what to nurture any relationship we have with others!  Think about all the advice you read in a month that speaks to how to save a marriage or make a good marriage better; they all speak of taking time to nurture the relationship.  I know for myself that when my own spirit is low, when I have not had time to renew myself, that I am no good to be around!  If we are so burdened with our own thoughts and concerns and have not given them up to God, than we are carrying them around, and they are stumping our shoulders.  If we can not look up from all the woe than we can not see the beauty in our lives.

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  1. Totally understand!
    Can I have a macro home instead?!?