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A Fairytale Marriage Ends

Heidi Klum and husband Seal attend the Fox Broadcasting Company, Twentieth Century Fox Television and FX 2010 Emmy Nominee Party held at Cicada, Los Angeles, August 29, 2010 -- Getty ImagesHappyowner • Doylestown, Pennsylvania • Replies on Yahoo! to the post of Seal and Heidi's divorce "It's true and it's a sad end to the fairytale..... ah, its marriage. Maybe if they didnt treat it like a fairytale and more like real life it would have had a chance. Real marriages are work!!! And very much worth it :)

What a wise and wonderful way of describing it.  Like many I hate to see any marriage break up, for me there is always a way to fight to keep a "good" marriage together.  

Marriage is hard work and for some we go into it thinking it will be all roses and honeymoon; until the real work comes into play.  There is a wonderful book: "After Every Wedding Comes a Marriage", Florence Littauer.  It is a book I read cover to cover before my marriage to my hubby and for those first fives years of marriage adjustment; you know what I mean, those years when you learn and get used to each others "habits"; its the time when all those things that were cute when you were dating are now nails on a chalk broad, you know!

When I see couples in the public eye marry I often pray that they have taken the time to truly talk about what is important to them as individuals and a couple. Did they talk about how to handle money, ways of communicating, their philosophy of child raring, they expectations.  Or did they, like, truly most of us, just go into it with stars in their eyes and hope in their heart.  There is that magical thinking most of us fall into that says marriage will always be happy and fun, we will have no worries and be in love forever.  But its the rude waking the morning after you come home from the honeymoon and have to go to work, do chores, pay bills and live life.  If you do not have a plan for marriage you have planned to fail, and many of us find out far too late!  For those us in intact marriage we know that we have to shake the disappointment off our shoulders and get down to the hard work: repairing, rebuilding, restrengthening our marriage.

Unless we have married some no-goodnik, we have married someone who we love for all the right reasons: He cares and respects us, he wants what is best for us and the children, he is willing to work on all the relationships; and you of course, hopefully, are doing the same!

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