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Do I slap him or myself in the face?

To support Nicole of Project Inspired: Yes I do think Dakota is too young! What is the cover of Seventeen too so yesterday for young stars?  When ever happened to spending your youth on being young?

As a mom of twin sixteen year old girls I try to protect them from the slings and arrows of sex too soon; so when these young stars decide it is a good career choice to be on the cover it makes me stop and think: What you want younger women to sell themselves short?

I think Cosmo is doing a disservice to these young women and the young women are doing a disservice to themselves.  As I am always telling my girls the way you dress, who you hang around with and the attitude you express tells more about you than anything that comes out of your mouth.  You may not see yourself as selling short by doing what you are doing but when the loser guy who thinks you are a sl*t comes up to you at the dance and asks you to dance in that tone that makes your skin crawl: Think about the calling card you are sending out to the world by the way you act, dress, think and choose as friends; than consider do I slap him in the face or myself for choosing this?


  1. Hi! I'm a new BloggyMoms follower - this post is fantastic. I was thinking the same thing, especially because of the little tidbits Cosmo includes on the front! I really look forward to your future posts :)

  2. As a society we are expecting our 'girls' to grow up to fast. It's one of the reasons my daughter attends our city's only uniform only school - peer pressure arround dressing 'sexy' shouldn't start at age 6 ...