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Which children are Easier to Raise

I want to explore an aspect of personality, something to consider about children; their personality and yours.  So let's explore children of omission, and children of commission.

The children of commission are most likely to be and act as if they have an authoritative order, charge, or direction.  Commission children are more open and direct.  They want to have fun, they have big personalities, they love the limelight, helping others, anything that gets them out there.  As teens they will be the Home Coming King/Queen!  Everyone knows them and for the most part likes them.  Parents of this child's friends may find them too flamboyant for their taste. These and we should worry that their flamboyance can get them into trouble: either big or small.  They can be led astray by bigger personalities or by a desire to taste the wild side. They see the "big picture", they are people oriented, goal oriented.  They can also be very stubborn: Its my way or the highway!  They can not stand being bored, working with numbers or anything else that seems tiresome.  They will do things their own way and that is both a good and bad thing.  They are poor savers, tend to talk way too much and sometimes the talk is all about them. They prefer logic over emotions when dealing with problems.  Because of their big personalities they can bully either unknowing or as part of a strategy to get what they want.

Children of omission may fail to do something they could have done or ought to do.  Omission children are more self contained and indirect.  They follow the rules, do not like conflict, shy away from anything that brings them attention.  They are conservative in dress and action, they are little old souls.  They love order, are soft spoken.  They are very family oriented, as teens they may not date much.  Parents of this child's friend will love them and see them as good influences for their own children. As teens they will be looked at as either the lovable geek, or the loner. As parents of children of omission we have to watch and make sure that our children are not shying away from opportunities that might be useful and helpful to them.  They are the children who are most likely to have to be pushed out of the nest.  Beware this child type is also very stubborn and can get stuck in singular thinking: I never do anything wrong, how dare you think so!  They are convinced that they are the smartest people they know and wouldn't let you forget it. They can not stand to be late and are organized to a fault.    They can be overly sensitive and touchy, crying easily and find hurt often in little things.

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