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What Is the Caption of this Madonna

  How does this picture make you feel.  That is what an Auckland, New Zealand Church wants to know.  Let me just say that I have looked that very way when I took my home pregnancy tests, not all them but some, the ones that were surprises.  

It is a very real reaction from thousands of mothers-to-be, and not just those moms who feel caught by the pregnancy and impending child. If we are honest we have all been a little shocked by the news, but it's not the initial reaction that tells the story, it's the Yes afterward, after the shock wears off and you have had time to process what just happened that tells the real story.

Do I see this billboard as insulting, no not really. But I can understand how those of a more traditional nature would see it as insulting. Does it make Mary a little too real? Does it seems as if Mary might be contemplating saying no?

Or does it show it a real woman, facing a real situation, and can that give hope to moms who are struggling with the idea of motherhood? As long as "this" Mary is true to the gospel I am fine with it, a little disturbed but fine.

It's this billboard that I find so distasteful: 
Mary and Joseph billboard from St Matthew-in-the-City church in Auckland 

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