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There is Pain In Waiting Part 2

Sweety, my heart aches that
Yours is aching
  Death is never easy and for a sixteen year old girl it can be a blow!

Crumpet was a birthday present for our twinnie girls four years ago, but it was our youngest twinnie, the one with aspirations of being a vet, that took to him and he to her.  Our youngest saw this young animal as her baby, her little one; she often called herself Crumpet's Mommy.  Her interest in Veterinary medicine made her a keen observer of all things guinea pig.  She diagnosed several minor and this last serious illness her"little boy" had.  and like most "pet moms" and frankly like most moms, she had the optimism that everything was going to be all right.  Crumpet became quite ill on Friday and according to her aunt, the real vet, our youngest kept Crumpet alive for a week longer, she gave him a week of good quality life.  Thank God he died with family around him and not when we were away from home, which would have been a blow our youngest would not have taken well.

RIP Crumpet, may Saint Francis be there to bring you "home."

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