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The Relationship Heap

This  tells the whole story I found this graph on my CafeMom profile, and I find it just so telling, what do you think?

If you look closely at the graph you will see that out of the all the participants they view caring for kids as the highest priority, followed not so closely by relationships, self equal with money and then the world.  This fits very closely to what I have found among faith-filled women, their focus becomes most skewed to the children, than relationships, then self.  It is quite a natural progress and if not carefully monitored it becomes something that can destroy relationships with spouses, others and self.

This outlook will be harmful, worrying so much about only one aspect of your life, and making that the priority can cause such conflict with your husband because he now feels at the bottom of the relational heap. It can cause conflict if the children become such a focus that its easy to hide from relationship problems.  It can cause conflict if the children become the only source of accomplishment in your life.

God calls us to the Great Commandment and if you look at that closely you see that it is a balanced relationship with God at the top, others and yourself within an equality, if one relationship out of balance than all relationships will be out of balance and we can not fulfill the Great Commandment.

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