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Pain in Waiting

Our youngest twinnie daughter has a guinea pig that may be dying.  Sometimes there is so much pain in waiting, especially if the wait is for something you don't want.

Our twinnie daughter has a lovely little guinea pig that she has called Crumpet.  She has been this little animal’s main care giver and loved it dearly for the past four years.  Last week there was an accident that left the guinea hurt, thank God for aunt's who are vets and over at the house at the time of the accident.  Her aunt gave the guinea some meds and pronounced it fine but we would have some work to do to get it back on his feet if we could; well that was a week and things are going downhill.  Our youngest twinnie wants to be a vet and has done very well in caring and even diagnosing the little guy's illness, correctly I might add.  So she was filled with optimism that all was going to be well, well it’s not and that is painful for her and for me as her mom.

There is no way I can save her from this and it breaks my heart.  I don't want to let her experience this pain, but I know there is no way to ignore it or make it go away.   Sometimes it’s just hard to wait.

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