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Our Lady of Guadalupe

Today is the Feast of Our Lady of Gaudalupe.  She is the patroness of Mexico and the Americas and her story is quite a fascinating one, read about it here at the Catholic Education Center site

I didn't know anything of Our Lady of Gaudalupe, maybe I was aware of her, maybe in DC where I grew up there wasn't much talk about her; maybe she was waiting to reveal herself to me when the time was right.

I have come to understand OLG later, after moving to Lansing and becoming a mom myself. I was teaching a 4th grade Religious Education class on the subject of Mary and the lesson plan suggested that the teachers explore the many different aspects of Mary: That is when I found her, and not knowing much I looked into her history and symbolism. I love symbolism and find that the children got into it as well.

Symbolism is a powerful way to explain the unexplained; look at any stain glass window and see how symbols draw you into the mystery that they are portraying. What drew me into OLG was she was the first, and as far as I can tell the only, Madonna that was pregnant. There is a spiritual power in that, we truly see a mother with child, with our Saviour! And from what I read OLG was a very power figure to Blessed Juan Diego, a recent converted Aztec. She asks Juan to go the Bishop and request a Church be built, but there is more to this, she wanted the Aztecs to stop the ritual killing of innocents to their god: Quetzalcoatl. That stopped me in my tracks, and I remember standing there with a group of young Rel. Ed. kids looking up at me waiting for me to say something.

What came into mind was the symbolism of pregnant mother asking that the killing be stopped, all killing: Capital punishment, Abortion, the killing of the soul of those abused, any killing. It would take one very powerful woman, mother, to ask for such things!

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