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Think you are alone dealing with mommy issues? You aren't! You know that mothering is the hardest thing you have ever done.  You hear people say motherhood is not for wimps. You are dealing with your own feelings about staying at home, going work and what that might mean for your babies, your children, your family.  You are dealing with the conflicting attitudes about motherhood and mothering.  You are dealing with your own conflicting attitudes.  You want to scream: "Am I the only one who is dealing with this!"

Believe me you're not.  My Hubby and I have dealt with our eldest and his turbulent teen years, in fact ten years of turbulence, enough to break a mother’s heart. But still with love, patience, hope and a great deal of prayer we all survived and not only that, thrived! He now lives on his own in Chicago.

We have been through the college overwhelmed depression of our second son, who came home after being so depressed he did not leave his dorm room for a whole semester. Again with love, patience and prayer we all triumphed. He is doing well, back to creating video games and working with a group of friends in creating a gaming business of his own, being a healthy well-adjusted junior in College.

With our twinnies premature birth I was in the hospital every day for two months, dealing with that you deal with as a preemie mom. Our youngest twin was not supposed to survive, her blood chemistry at birth was well, and she was to have CP, learning difficulties, not be able to speak the list goes on…. now they both are sixteen, driving, belonging to drama club doing all the things sixteen year olds do.

I became a spiritual director working with moms who want more....

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