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I'm an 18

  I just took the Helicopter Mom Quiz and I scored an eighteen: 11-19 Nice job! You’ve found a good balance between being too hands-off and too involved. Encourage your child to make some easy confidence-building decisions like choosing what to have for dinner, or where to go for a playdate. Giving her a bit of freedom will benefit you both.

To tell you the truth I was a little worried when I was taking this quiz, because well frankly, there are times when I do hoover, when I do wish my children's lives were all rainbows and lollipops!  What Mom wouldn't!  It is so much easier to be "that Mom" the mom that gives in, always says its someone or something else's fault when our children make mistakes.  It is some much easier to hid when things get rough and come back when they are over.  But do we want to be "that Mom" the one in the corner wringing her hands, looking scared?

God does not call moms to be that:  WE are: Priest, Prophet and Queen!!!!

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