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You ARE A Miracle, God Says So!!

I am going to add a twist to Mr. Einstein's wonderful quote: There are two ways to live life: One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other as though everything is a miracle. ----- Albert Einstein  There are two ways of thinking about yourself: One is that you are nothing special, the other that you are nothing short of a miracle.

I am a mom who believes that each of us is a miracle!  The Catholic church teaches that every life has dignity, no matter what your situation you have something to give the world, you just being in the world alone is a worthy thing.  I have always tried to raise my children to think of themselves as the royal sons and daughters of God that they are!  They should carry themselves and act as if they were part of the royal priesthood, part of the priestly people.  My husband will always say that with the charge we were given when we were Baptized Priest, Prophet and King/Queen we were given great responsibility!

Not only great responsibility to others but to ourselves as well, to do our best, be our best and work always toward the goal of being the best God calls us to be!

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