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Hey, Hey the World's Going to Hell in a Hand Basket...Won't Believe it

I love this flash mob event! I have no worries about the state of faith in America, or the modern world; not when there are parishes willing to do this.

We have all heard about how America, any developed nation, has lost touch with their faith, that Mass attendance has been going down...blah, blah, blah...

When you see things like this flash mob event I have great hopes for us all of us. These events do wonderful things: First it shows the general public a little taste of what Catholicism is and what we do. It demystifies the faith for people who have no real idea of what goes on but are they sure they know it can't be good!

Secondly these events give those who are curious about Catholicism a change to explore it and see it firsthand. Who knows how many people in that mall were touched by the Holy Spirit to go check out their local Catholic church?

Third, it really makes me proud that this parish had the guts to go out and preach to the nation.

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