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God's Vengefulness Borders on the Abusive!

I am a huge Twitter-nut.  There is always something interesting on Twitter, always something that gets my mind clicking, that I can blog about, that I learn; Twitter is a very entertaining, enlightening, and inspiring place.

I found Twitter in 2006 when listening to an NPR story on it.  It sounded like fun so I hopped on, and never looked back.  I have always found interesting things on Twitter, and been introduced to interesting people; it has an appeal.  Many of the people I have meet on Twitter are truly inspiring people, with good things to say; but there are those rare few who feel the need to spit in every bodies tea!  Even those people fascinate me.

From my spot on the Twitter stream it seems that the most ardent to rain on everyone's parade are those of some undisclosed sect of "Christians" who seem to be the ones that have so much to say, but say in such a hurtful way.  For these "Christians" they want to usurp Christ's message to fit their agenda.  Seeing Christ as loving, forgiving and compassionate conflicts greatly with their personal world view.  Their anger clouds their understanding of God, diminishes God's saving Grace, limits God.  For them God is only the vengeful God sending down fire and brimstone.  It makes me wonder what must have happened in their lives that they need such a vengeful God?  Or is it that was the only God/parent they knew as a child?

If this is the true view of God, as they say, than God's vengefulness borders on the abusive!  This is even hinted at in Psalm 103: 3 If you, LORD, keep account of sins, Lord, who can stand?  But God does not keep an account of our sins: But with you is forgiveness and so you are revered Psalm 103: 4; it is through the forgiveness of God we experience God's MERCY and with that we gain a greater understanding of God's love.  Those of us who were raised in families where punishment was more cruel and frightening we understand that the last person we would go to for comfort would be the one metering out the punishment.

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