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Get Ready The End of the World is Dec 12, 2012

      This picture says it all! We have no idea when the world will end and with all the predictions we have lived through and survived; it is a very sure bet we will be here next year at this time! There is only one person who knows the who, what, where, why and how of it all: God.

Maybe all this talk of the end of the world keeps us on our toes, gets us thinking about what is important in our lives, where our lives are going. It's the old question: "If you only had 24 hours to live what would you do?" Answer that truthfully and it might surprise you what you learn about yourself and your values.

Maybe we are so numb by all this end of the world stuff we just don't care. And that says something too. First off it says that we don't buy into this whole malarkey! Secondly there is the fact that our lives are so busy, so full we don’t have time for the end of the world; we are too busy to even care. Still there is something to looking at where our lives are going and I think that is the major focus of much of this end of world stuff.

Each group that sends out a warning is doing it according to their agenda and they are trying their best to warn us of impending doom! We look at them as if they are crackpots or weirdoes, religious fanatics without a life, environmental wackos. These groups have a deeper message, look at your life and see where it is going, look at how we care for the world, for others, ourselves; how well are we doing that? The package maybe a little too gaudy but the message inside is valid: How ya' doing?

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