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Deanne, Shawn Breedlove

Dear Deanne and Shawn,

You do not know me but your son was a blessing to millions.  Deanne and Shawn, please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers during this time of need.  So many were touched by your wonderful son and it was clear that you raised him with a great deal of love and kindness, patience and discipline.  He was truly a positive light for the world.

Patricia Perkowski

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  1. Thank you so much for your loving words and kindness! We are blessed beyond words to have spent 18 beautiful years with Ben. We continue to soak up every minute with our daughter (20) and son (12). We are thankful for each day. As for us having parented well - I thank you for your compliment but I have to say that God was the parent! We just kept pointing our children to God, because if WE were their standard, they would be in big trouble! Even though we haven't always known what we are doing, we know that being a parent is a gift, and we are thankful for the privilege of coming alongside our children in life and helping them through. Heaven knows that our kids are our greatest inspiration!!

    Your blog is beautiful and encouraging! I am going to check in here from time to time.

    Deanne Breedlove