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You Little Devil

Cindi D of My Catholic Blog wrote a wonderful article on helping our children when we don't save them from themselves, its entilted Mom can you come pick me up, and you really should give it a read.

In her post she writes that her son calls her from the bus to come pick him at the bus stop because it is raining!  The temptation is of course is to get into the car and drive to get him, but she doesn't.  How many of us have had those moments when that little devil of "Be your kids best friend" kept whispering in our ears just go do it!  But if we fall into that trap of doing what our children want, even it is something as innocent as coming to get them when its raining, we open the door to allowing our children to bulldoze us anytime they don't like what we have said, or the rules we have set forth.

If we allow that little devil to talk us into doing those things of convenience we open the door to parenting in fear.  Our motivation goes from doing what is right for our children to doing what our children think is right, and how many times will that turn out well?  Fear will be driving our discernment about our children's future.  Parenting in fear is never what we want, it leaves open too many dangerous doors.

We are called to discern what is right and healthy for our children's spiritual and emotional well-being and that is never easy.  There are no easy answers when it comes to what we do with our children.  We will only learn if the discernments we have made are the right ones when they grow older and when we see God face to face.  It is the not knowing that makes it so easy for us to listen to that little devil, because the immediate result is Mom you are a hero, but like Cindi points out aren't we really heroes when we don't do everything they want?

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