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What's Wrong With I Love You Monday?

  @jillwhalen, Jill Whalen, wrote this tweet: Make Time For Social Media By Not Tweeting BS (Alt Title: If you do any of these, you're a douche!) @outspokenmedia.

Jill's Twitter relates to an article writen by Lisa Barone, @outspokenmedia, who contends that far too many people are wasting their time on social media being cutesy and annoying; posting things that don't edify and well are just wrong.  She has a whole list of things that bug her about social media and one of them is "I Love Monday, #iloveyoumonday.  I for one can't see what is wrong with some positive cutesy on Twitter.  I agree with her about the flame wars, those tweets posted to bash others, to force others to change their opinion, their agenda, are just well..harmful, and frankly I have been guilty of doing that myself; thinking of Westboro Baptist Church and how I thought if I just "yell" loudly enough they would change - never works on twitter or real life.

Social media is social.  A majority of the people on, at least on my list, are just ordinary folks trying to make connections with the outer world, the whole world.  They find twitter to be fun and a way to get to "know" people from everywhere, and that is exciting to them, it's exciting to me!  We as human being crave personal interaction.  We want relationships and many of those cutesy tweets are relationship based, granted some are over the top and can make you question their sincerity, but that is what it is.

What Twitter has become is also very negative, and that too is human.  That is why #iloveyoumonday isn't a huge bother for me.  It is what we need, some positive encouragement that we are OK, and frankly Twitter needs more of that!  Maybe like Lisa suggest we should put our time into those things that will be more productive, and uplifting!

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