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The Spirituality of Work of Art

  This is the winning street art piece from last Monday's Bravo reality show "Work Of Art".  It was the most profound art about how being a father changes everything.

The man on the left had just lost his father at about the same time that the man on the right was learning he was to become one.  What makes this piece and their conversation so compelling is that before the show these man never knew each other, did not live in the same area of the country, did share the same circle of friends.  They had only just met weeks before and were only just learning of each other.  The connection they shared through fatherhood is quite interesting and speaks to how profoundly we as parents affect our children and how parenthood profoundly affects us.

The man on the right was losing his father to cancer, his father and he shared a very deep bond.  As an only child he was deeply connected to his parents, they were more than providers they were his closest confidant and champions.   For him losing his father felt as if he was losing a piece of himself.  He was losing a connection to a past, a history by losing his father.  Looking into his face you could guess at how he was feeling about that lose: as if he himself was lost without his father.

The man on the right was learning of his fatherhood at a time when the other man's father was dying, the cycle of life coming into play; one life goes another enters.  This man is miles away from his family and must shoulder the worry of an infant daughter who is in need of surgery without his wife and closest support around him, and likewise for him to support them.  It must feel very lonely to not be there at a time when the youngest and most vulnerable of his family, the child he and wife help create, is now ill.  He is a man who takes the role of fatherhood quite to heart, and you can see the pain in his face at not being with them in their time of need.  You can see how it torments him to not be able to be "Daddy."

The bond of parent and child is profound, spiritual and life-changing.  We are connected to each other in ways no other human being can be.  When my husband lost his father he felt the lose deeply, but there was also a freedom that his father gave him.  I asked my husband what he meant by that.  He said that because he and his father were so close he was given the gift of self confidence and the knowledge that no mater what his father was always with him, always guiding him.  My husband didn't have to look for a father figure, his father was always with him; just like I believe Young Sun the man on the right feels about his father, and I hope Dusty, the man on the right, will be able to give to his daughter and any other children he may have.

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