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I am a spiritual director, who came to this ministry after spending 15 years as a social worker; working with moms who were in crisis, who had or were losing custody of their children. I worked for Catholic Social Services in Lansing, Michigan. I loved the agency and the work. We were a team of women who went into homes, mostly headed by single mothers, to work with these families who were involved with Family Independence Agency: Protective Services. These moms needed support, encouragement and some hands on advice on raising their children, keeping a home, and working. We did everything from teaching moms how to parent, budget, child proof a home; as well as help with the huge issues of survival. For many years I found the work rewarding that was during a time when it was about the people and not the numbers. When it became more about the program budget the interactions with the moms got more impersonal and work soul numbing. For me much of what the women/moms were fighting had a spiritual/faith basis to it. For all of them they were living only to survive, life had beaten them down so far that they felt as if they had to look up to see the ground. I wanted to help them, hold in my arms and let them weep out all the fear, frustration and hurt that was blocking them, buried deep in their soul, keeping them from go forward.

I wanted them to see themselves as God did/does and always will, as strong capable women; women who could change the world! That is when I found out about Spiritual Direction, a form of pastoral counseling, and went to become one. So, it is my hope to introduce moms to this life changing ministry to help them see themselves as God does.

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