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How Many Children Do Your Daughters want

Our famous twinnie girls
Going to the March For Life last year
Our Brunette is first row green shirt
After writing the post: What's One More it naturally lend me this writing this post.  If you follow the blog you know of my famous twinnie girls.  Now these girls were not planned, and they were very much a surprise to be sure; we were expecting one but God had other plans.  Our brunette is a little fire cracker who likes to push the envelope, is the oldest by seconds: litterally.  She is more artistic, wants to be an actress, or hairstylist, or comedienne, but most defiantly a full time mom. She is very involved with the Students for Life at her Catholic High School.  She was chosen to be the sophomore representative for the Michigan Catholic Conference: Catholic Legislative Day    Adored going to the March For Life, thought it was the greatest expreince of her life.

There is our blonde in
the sin bin at Joe Louis
Our blonde follows the rules to a fault.  She is book-smart, while her sister also a smart young woman has more "street cred".  Our blonde wants to be a vet has since she was 10, her role model is her Aunt also a vet who knew what she wanted at a young age.  She adores the Red Wings and this year got to go to Hockey Fest, spending the hour it took for her Dad and she to get to Detroit jabbering about her love of the Wings, how she couldn't wait to meet them all, and a full history of the team!  God Bless my hubby!  While she wants to be married, to a Red Wing of course, she feels that adoption is the way to go; unlike her sister, our blonde wants only two.

One night while sitting around talking with my girls I asked them what they thought of being a mom.  Our eldest said she wanted to have six, thought being a mom was beast!  Our youngest said she wanted to give children who had no parents a loving home.  It struck me how God created these two young woman so differently.  How He has planted in them different seeds for the future.  And how each girl is responding to that future.  It also struck me how they have seen me parent, interact with my hubby and just live life and faith; and to what degree that has influenced them, shaped them; it humbles me, because frankly I don't always get it right.  I guess that is the whole point none of us get it right, but somehow with love, hope, patience and a lot of prayer to the Man Up Stairs it turns out all right.

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