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Great Commandment

One of my regular directee moms came into my home office very upset; she had just had a huge row with her youngest daughter and was crying over the fact that she had yelled at the young girl.

This is not an unusual incidence, it is too common, it speaks to how these moms try so hard to be the best moms they can be, to be what the Church "says they should be", as well as trying hard to fight the conflict of what they learned, what is the real attitude of the Church and to Finally understand what God really feels about them.

Many of these moms married wonderful Catholic/Christian men who love them.  They have wonderful children.  They have successful families, work, activities, Church affiliations. What they truly do not have is a clear understand, one deep down into the soul of how much they are loved by God; without this understanding no other success or love can truly be understood.  We cannot live the Great Commandment if we do not love ourselves.

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